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Miracle Theater to host A Candlelit Concert

Miracle Theater featured in Secret DC article hosting A Candlelit Concert

Check out Secret DC's full article about the Miracle Theater. To read the full review, check here.

By Vanessa Barron

Experience the magic of classical live music surrounded by glowing lights in one of DC’s most treasured venues: Miracle Theatre. Located on Capitol Hill in the historic Barracks Row neighborhood, the Miracle Theatre is the oldest movie theater in DC. With a storied past and recent renovation, you’ll be dazzled by this historic venue’s glorious interior.

[Source: Capitol Standard / Leah Beilhart]

This 350-seat theater initially opened to the public on December 27, 1909. Previously known as the Meader, it was a vaudeville venue that screened silent films. Over the next fifty years, the theater would take on different names – changing from New Meader to Family, then to Academy – and it showed a vast range of movies, from triple-feature westerns to foreign films. In the early 1960s, the theater was purchased by the People’s Church, and it would remain a church until 2014, when the newly renovated space was reopened as a second-run movie theater once again.

[Source: Brightest Young Things / Nicolas Karlin]

The theater is draped from wall to wall in thick red velvet, creating an intimate atmosphere and ideal acoustics. The original seats are upholstered in red vinyl, and throughout the building you’ll find gold trim and polished metal ceilings with intricate designs.

The venue is truly a sight to behold on its own; now, imagine it coming to life with the glow of hundreds of flameless candles.

[Source: Brightest Young Things / Nicolas Karlin]

This summer, you can attend mesmerizing concerts of all genres inside the Miracle Theatre. On June 23, catch a performance of Hans Zimmer’s iconic works, featuring music from Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, and more. Later in the month, you can hear melodies from Disney and Pixar’s most magical soundtracks. On July 8, catch classical renditions of anime theme songs in this enchanting space. And in August, you can hear the iconic Studio Ghibli soundtracks from composer Joe Hisashi. If your tastes lean more towards rock music, a string quartet will be performing a tribute to Queen that features your favorite songs in reimagined arrangements. If you’re a fan of R&B, special performances on June 30 and July 29 will feature amazing jazz renditions of your favorite classic R&B songs.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this delightful concert inside a stunning historic venue—get your tickets to a Candlelight Concert here!

Find Miracle Theatre at 535 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003.

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