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8th St SE Bus Priority Project - Concept Presentation at ANC 6B Transportation Committee

DDOT will be presenting a proposed concept for the 8th St SE (East Capitol to M St SE) Bus Priority Project at the ANC 6B Transportation Committee (virtual meeting) on Wednesday, September 6, at 7 p.m.

The meeting agenda and Zoom link will be posted here:

Meeting attendees will receive a link to the concept plan at the meeting. Following the meeting, the presentation, concept plans, and instructions for submitting comments will be posted on the project website here:

We will be accepting comments for this phase of concept development through October 10.

DDOT will also be presenting the concept at the full ANC 6B meeting on 9/12 and the ANC 8F meeting on 9/26, however, the meeting on 9/6 will have more time for in-depth discussion and Q&A.

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