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Business Training

Barracks Row Main Street has partnered with The Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) to provide free group training to establishments on 8th Street SE Barracks Row Main. 

Training Schedule - 2024


More information and registration for the above trainings are coming soon!


    The ServSafe® food safety program provides food safety training, exams and educational materials to foodservice managers. The program is developed by the National Restaurant Association with the help of foodservice industry experts who face the same risks you do every day and course materials reflect the latest science, research and FDA Food Code. Learn about food-borne illnesses, how to prevent it and how to train employees in food sanitation. ServSafe® is the leader in food safety training and certification.

    The ServSafe Alcohol® training program is developed by the National Restaurant Association and experts who have experience with the risks, best practices and insights that help prepare you for difficult situations involved in serving alcohol. ServSafe Alcohol materials reflect scientific research in an easy-to-understand format. ServSafe Alcohol® training and certification is widely recognized and respected in the foodservice industry.


Preventing sexual harassment and discrimination plays an important role in ensuring employees live up to the high standards of conduct in your restaurants. RAMW now offers workshops and online courses aimed at both managers and employees to help your staff navigate situations where harassment is present.

More information about Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington, click here.

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New Training crafted by SBDC, Market Lync, and District One 
 This series is a 6 part training starting April 9th and continuing once a week every Tuesday until May 14th. To access the series, all you need to do is use the promo code BARRACKSROW2024 during registration. This will grant you and your team full access to the training materials at no cost. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance the skills and capabilities of your team members.

Session Details

  1. Business Basics & Legal Structure: The training will teach participants how to lay a solid foundation by understanding essential business concepts and legal frameworks.

  2. Developing a Winning Business Plan: The training will teach participants how to craft a strategic roadmap for success that aligns with your vision and goals.

  3. Finance & Accounting: Participants will gain financial literacy and insight into managing finances effectively.

  4. Crafting a Powerful Marketing Strategy: Participants will explore innovative marketing techniques to attract and retain customers.

  5. Mastering the Art of Sales: The training will teach participants how to hone sales skills and techniques to drive revenue and growth.

  6. Building a High Performing Team: The training will teach participants how to recruit, motivate, and lead a team for maximum productivity and success.

  7. Optimizing Operations & Productivity: The training will teach participants how to streamline processes and enhance efficiency to achieve business goals.

  8. Leveraging Technology: Participants will learn  how to harness the power of technology to innovate and stay ahead in a digital world.

  9. Unlocking Innovation & Adaptability: Participants will learn how to foster a culture of innovation and adaptability to thrive in changing environments.

  10. Legal & Compliance Essentials: Participants will learn how to navigate legal requirements and compliance standards to protect your business.

  11. Navigating Financial Challenges: The training will teach participants how to develop strategies to overcome financial obstacles and ensure long-term sustainability.

  12. Building Mental Resilience & Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Participants will learn how to prioritize self-care and resilience to maintain well-being and sustain success.!

Yelp Local Business Summit 2024 - Wednesday, May 8 at 11 a.m. ET

Yelp’s Local Business Summit, a vibrant gathering of industry experts, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, is coming to you live on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. During this one-day event, successful speakers from diverse backgrounds will come together to share valuable insights and actionable advice on how to elevate your local business. Whether penning your first business plan or looking to expand, this summit offers a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired.

Beginning at 11 a.m. ET, this free, virtual event will provide local business owners with real strategies and tools to accelerate their success and stand out from the crowd. Explore the schedule and session descriptions below, and check back soon to see the full list of speakers.

Registrations Here


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