Twelve years ago, Barracks Row Main Street began to look at the Eastern Market Metro Plaza and re-imagine what it could be if it were redeveloped into a proper "town square" for Capitol Hill. This original L'Enfant Reservation has been in a state of disrepair going back to Barracks Row Main Street's founding, but we have always known it had the potential to become a true civic asset and a "gateway" to Barracks Row. 

Using funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Barracks Row Main Street commissioned a Master Plan for the site back in 2015. This Master Plan was the result of an extensive 20-month community engagement process that brought together all of the relevant stakeholders and really re-imagined "the art of the possible" for this space. You can read that Master Plan report here. 

In 2017, Barracks Row Main Street successfully lobbied the DC Council to move forward with the project, and Councilmember Charles Allen was able to secure funding in the 2017 and 2018 budget cycles to begin work on this important project. The effort is currently funded with a $5.9 million down payment on the work to be done, and is being managed by the DC Department of General Services. You can visit their project website for up-to-the-minute information. Phase Two is now in construction! 


The current design team, selected by DGS, has provided the most recent iteration of the design as presented to the Commission on Fine Arts in March of 2019. You can download that presentation here.