Introducing the Eastern Market Metro Plaza
rabbit statues entitled "Found You!"

About the Rabbit Sculptures

Barracks Row Main Street has partnered with the Department of Parks and Recreation to unveil "Found you" the new art sculptures that have arrived at the Eastern Market Children's Playground Park. "Found You" sculptor/artist Beth Nybeck said that the piece, entitled “Found You,” was a long time coming and she was “excited to see them here where people can interact with them.” The Piece consists of three 5 foot stainless steel sculptures of rabbits playing hide and seek.

This was a public art project commissioned by BRMS, it was a competitive process and I believe that there were three projects from which the bunnies were chosen as the winner.  The sculptures were commissioned to augment the plaza reconstruction, it was paid for out of the restricted gateway funds that BRMS holds for public space projects focused on the entrances and exits from Barracks Row.


The bunnies are flat stainless steel panels welded together to form angular sculptures, the bunnies are peppered with holes and lit from inside so at night they will glow and hopefully delight the passers by.


Rabbit Naming Contest!

 We have a winner! The winning name for the Rabbit Naming Contest is Hop, Dash and Munch!


Thank you to everyone that participating in the voting for our new rabbit sculptures. Stay tune for additional information in this space.

Thanks for voting!