Barracks Row Main Street proposes new public art project for the Eastern Market Metro Plaza


Barracks Row Main Street (BRMS) is proud to present a new proposed public art project for the Eastern Market Metro Plaza! Inspired by the famous IAmsterdam sculpture in the Netherlands, the new 3-D "Toronto" sculpture installed this summer for the Pan Am Games, and Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture in Philadelphia, BRMS has been working for the past several months with District-based artist Charles Bergen of Charles Bergen Studios to create word-art pieces to be displayed on the Eastern Market Metro Plaza, sharing the same parcel as the Metro entrance. BRMS has applied for funding from the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities to help cover the cost of this project, and is soliciting feedback from the local community on the proposed designs shown below.

The word sculptures that spell out Barracks Row and Eastern Market will provide a picture worthy opportunity like those that have inspired them. These sculptures will become a place maker, meeting place, and identifier of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington, DC. The project is intended to harness the transformative power of public art to turn the idea of signage into a tangible, interactive symbol of neighborhood identity and placemaking.

One of the key elements of the design for these sculptures is their portability. Each of the 36" tall lower case letters (upper case letters will be 44" tall) would be independently fabricated and attached in groups of three to metal bases. These bases will be able to be detached from the ground easily so that they can be relocated to another portion of the site during the construction of the larger redevelopment proposal for the plaza (more information on that proposal is available at and then placed back on the site after the redevelopment has been completed.

Do you want to ask a question or leave a comment about the proposed ideas? Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ! Or, come to the September 8th ANC Meeting at the Hill Center. We would love to hear even more from the community about their thoughts and ideas!