Frager's Hardware suffers devastating fire


While not actually on Barracks Row, our friend and neighbor on 11th Street, Frager's Hardware, which also includes Frager's Garden Center, Frager's JustAsk Rental (where tents for popular events like the Barracks Row Fall Festival come from), and Frager's Paint, has suffered a devastating fire earlier tonight.

Celebrate Capitol Hill, a division of CHAMPS (Capitol Hill Area Merchants and Professionals), has started collecting donations that will go towards the rebuilding effort of what early reports indicate is a total loss of the Frager's buildings and merchandise.

Barracks Row Main Street will be working with Matchbox Food Group (and hopefully others), responsible for such Capitol Hill institutions as Matchbox on Barracks Row (which has other locations in Logan, Chinatown, and Rockville), Ted's Bulletin on Barracks Row (soon to open a second location on 14th Street in Logan Circle) and DC-3 to help find alternate employment opportunities for the many Hill residents who worked at Frager's while they are displaced from their previous jobs. Frager's employees can come by Matchbox on Barracks Row tomorrow between 2-5pm to talk to management about temporary employment while Frager's gets organized to rebuild.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a way to show some love for Frager's Hardware, a neighborhood institution for many years beyond what we guess any Capitol Hill resident can remember, you can donate to the Frager's rebuilding effort through Celebrate Capitol Hill here:

Celebrate Capitol Hill is a 501c3 not for profit, which was initially established by Capitol Hill business to respond to the needs of victims of a June of 2011  fire at local bar and restaurant, Tune Inn. Last year Celebrate Capitol Hill coordinated fundraising efforts for a young Capitol Hill father, TC Maslin, who was brutally assaulted near Eastern Market.

Thanks for supporting a nearby Hill business! It's times like these when we remember we really are a community that cares about local business.