Photos of Taste of 8th Are In!


April 30, 2012

The weather man was soooo wrong- Taste of 8th 2012 took place without a drop of rain - it was a cool, partly sunny afternoon; our fans were on hand to enjoy twenty-one new food experiences. Barracks Row restaurants outdid themselves - the food was delicious, plentiful and inventive. At  left, the tastes at Matchbox, served by Barracks Row Main Street Volunteers.

More Pictures at; click through to On the Row - Photo Gallery.


We also made food history. The Sweet Lobby launched a new dessert: Designer Eclairs- Each ticket bought not one but two of these wonders. The unique flavors jump in your mouth as you bite into one; they are just as creamy and mellow as they look. We had one documented report of an eclair brought home and microwaved for a split second then served with vanilla ice-cream for a heavenly end to the day.



What does it look like when Barracks Row's Taste of 8th is invaded by a costume party? Go to and click through to On the Row and Photo Gallery.

These visitors were runners competing in a costumed scavenger-hunt race.  We spotted Banana Man left, a bee with pretty wings, center front, and Madams in hot pink dresses and running tights. Just another day on Barracks Row!