Chateau Animaux Becomes Howl To The Chief


February 21, 2012

Earlier this month Dennis Bourgault, owner of Chateau Animaux, the iconic pet service provider / retailer Josh Botman, Manager, Chateau Animaux(with the hard-to miss mini Eiffel Tower out in front) announced the sale of the business to Kim Hawkins, an expert in pet foods. Hawkins plans to rename the business Howl To The Chief. Josh Botman, pictured here will continue as store manager. He reports that the new logo is in final design now. The store located at 733 8th Street, SE will soon be getting new signs and new branding in the interior.

In other pet business news, owners of Wagtime (Shaw based pet day care-pet supply retailer) are pursuing plans to open a Barracks Row location. Last week ANC 6-B Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg, hosted a meeting so that Barracks Row neighbors could meet the Wagtime owners. Also attending the meeting were 4 customers of the Shaw Wagtime who were present to attest to the excellent service levels provided by the organization.  The site being considered by the owners is at corner of 9th and M Street, SE; it would have to be rezoned to accommodate pet boarding.