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Saturday, September 28th 2019 marks the return of our longest running event, the Barracks Row Fall Festival! At each Fall Festival our activities and booths blend urban diversity with the curiosities of small town fairs. There's no fair like this fair anywhere!

Interested in being a vendor? Here's some information you should know:

To become a vendor at Barracks Row Fall Festival on Capitol Hill, payment must accompany Application; we accept checks, cashier's checks or money orders, but NOT CASH.  Barracks Row Main Street accepts PayPal and personal checks. PayPal options will appear on the next screen. Please make all checks out to: 


Barracks Row Main Street

731 8th St, SE, Suite 201

Washington, DC 20003

To pay with credit card fill in online application below and complete your order with PayPal.

Vendor assumes full responsibility for safe return of rented table and two chairs. In the event of loss or damage, the vendor will reimburse BRMS $100 per table and $25 per chair. Barracks Row does not rent tents.

Barracks Row Main Street reserves the right to decline applications based on too many applications already accepted in a category and/or exclusivity rights that may be in place for the event. Spaces are assigned by the Promotions Committee/Festival Director to create maximum pedestrian flow, promote maximum vendor exposure and maintain accessibility to BRMS businesses.

For FULL information and terms and conditions, pricing information, and to apply, click below or contact us at (202) 544-3188 or via email at info@barracksrow.org.

Types of Vendors and Prices:

  • Political: $450

  • Food Vendor: $320

  • Merchant: $210

  • Arts: $135

  • Non Profit: $135

  • 8th Street Business: $75

To choose your vendor type, it will be one of the last questions on the application!!!

*Request for two chairs and a table will be an additional $110

*8th Street Vendors have the two chairs and table fee waived!

Barracks Row Main Street accepts PayPal and personal checks. PayPal options will appear on the next screen. Please make all checks out to: 


Barracks Row Main Street

731 8th St, SE, Suite 201

Washington, DC 20003


There is a $25 returned check fee. 







2019 Barracks Row Fall Festival Vendor Info: Load In & Load Out - Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019


Check-in opens at 8:00AM and closes at 10:00AM.  If you arrive later than 10AM please plan to walk your booth materials to your booth location.  Festival officially opens at 11AM.

Load-out begins at 5:00PM; booths must be off the street by 6:00PM.

We will send individual booth numbers to each of you by Sept. 27th.

Load In Details for DRIVERS:

  • Drive your vehicle to the corner of 8th and I Street, SE. There will be a line of vendor vehicles forming along 8th Street, SE, facing north, under the I 695 freeway. The line moves fast.

  • DC police at the barricade at 8th and I Street, SE will allow in festival vendors one at a time. The Vendor Check-In Tent is just beyond the police barricade. You will see our Barracks Row volunteers in Barracks Row t-shirts waiting to greet you.

  • At the Check-In tent, you will be given your vendor packet and a volunteer will show you to your booth space.

  • If you have ordered a table & chairs you will find them waiting at your booth space when you arrive. After the festival is over leave the table and chairs at your booth site and we will pick them up.

  • All vendor vehicles must be off the midway (8th Street) by 10AM. If you run late we ask you to WALK your gear in to the festival site. After 10AM there are too many pedestrians on the street to move cars safely.

  • There is street parking in the neighborhood and there is a DC parking lot under Interstate I 695 at 8th Street. However there are time limits at the DC lot so you will have to return during the day to feed the meter. There is also a 4:05PM Nationals game that day which could affect all parking rates.


Load In Details for WALKERS:

  • If you plan to walk in your booth materials please stop a Barracks Row Volunteer Coordinator wearing an orange T Shirt and announce your arrival. Even if you know your booth space number a festival Check-In Volunteer will show you exactly where to set up. You can walk onto the midway using alleys and cross streets as entry points.


Load-In Warning For DRIVERS and WALKERS:

We must maintain a 22 foot open midway space at all times (DC Fire Department). As you set up your booth, you may use the sidewalk for staging. Keep the center of the midway free and clear- even during set up. Please move materials off the center of midway as quickly as possible.


Load-out for DRIVERS and WALKERS:

Barracks Row will be cleaned after the festival this year by DDOT then reopened to traffic at 6:00PM. Please begin tear down at 5:00PM sharp. You may enter the midway by car from the intersection of 8th & I St, SE (where you entered). Proceed north, load up, then exit off of the midway at the intersection of 8th & E St, SE. DO NOT PERFORM A U-TURN!


If you find you need more time to load your gear, put your materials on the sidewalk off the street. It is ONLY the street that must be clear by 6PM.

The flow of regular two-way vehicular traffic will resume on 8th street at 6PM.


Ground Rules:

1. In exchange for the booth fee Barracks Row Main Street provides a 10x10 foot space on the midway. The booth fee covers the space only; no electricity or wi-fi is provided. If you need either let us know in advance and we'll try to help you. Barracks Row does not rent or provide tents.

2. Booths are grouped at the discretion of the Barracks Row Promotions Committee and/or Festival Director to create maximum pedestrian flow, promote vendor exposure, and maintain visibility as well as access to the businesses on 8th Street. Vendor displays must be arranged inside the 10x10 booth site foot print and not block neighboring booths.

3. Generators:  Generators must be quiet so as not to distract from other vendors, restaurants or retailers. The Festival Director will determine if a generator is too noisy and may order its removal from the festival area.

4. No loudspeakers, boom boxes, portable bullhorns are allowed - this includes any kind of amplified sounds from any source.  If you have questions or your display includes sound, please check with us!

5. Booth rentals are not transferable. BRMS’ acceptance of your booth at the Barracks Row Fall Festival covers only the use described. To amend approved booth use, submit a written description to Sharon Bosworth- sharon@barracksrow.org by Sept. 2, 2019. If you applied to sell art and now decide to sell ice cream, we need to know!


Cancellation Policy: Barracks Row Main Street reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel the festival due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen situation which may occur at any time prior to or during the festival.


Under no circumstances shall there be booth refunds made due to vendor cancellation for any reason after Sept. 21, 2019.


Any cancellation or adjustments due to weather will be made by 7:00AM on Sept. 28 and posted on our website. www.barracksrow.org